Monday, 13 June 2011

Win - The Tea Selection CLOSED

Winner of the competition is @annieanna24 Congrats :)


Do you like tea ?

I love tea - have been a tea drinker for many years and needs many cups to help me through the day . I love ordinary tea , your herbal teas and now and then a fruity concoction . I take them all the same - just tea bag and water , i never add milk or sugar.

The London Tea company has a little bit of everything - no matter what your preference you would be able to find it there. Set up in 2003 the company aims to provide -

Organic tea leaves
The highest quality tea bushes
Traditional (orthodox) Tea Manufacturing Methods
Biodegradable boxes and pouches
Fairtrade ideals
The best tea blenders and tasters in the world
Hand picked tea

They love tea and want to make sure that we love it to .

They have kindly offered to give away a lovely selection box of teas to one of my lucky readers - the box contains

8x English Breakfast
8x Earl Grey
8x Green Tea
8x Camomile
8x Camomile &; Lavender
8x Lemongrass, Ginger &Citrus Fruits
8x White Tea, Elderflower & Apricot,
8x Peppermint
8x Green Tea Mango & Ginger Tea Bags

(I really want to try the Camomlile and Lavender one...) .

To be in with a chance of winning just leave a comment telling me about tea - what is your favorite ? How do you take it ? Do you prefer other hot drinks ?

Winner will be picked randomly on Monday 20th of June at 7pm .

Good luck to all

Monday, 6 June 2011

Nougat London Nurturing Hand Cream

Product – Nougat London Nurturing Hand Cream

Available fromNougat London

Nurturing Hand Cream Nougat London (2)

Product Description

"Our Nurturing Hand Cream is specially formulated to soften, protect your hands and strengthen your nails. This rich, yet easily absorbed, cream contains the moisturising properties of Cocoa Butter as well as Almond and Macadamia oils renowned for their ability to hydrate. Also containing natural extract of Comfrey and Vitamin E for to soothe and care for your hard working hands. "

My thoughts – My first thought was "it is tiny" , next thought was ok that smells lovely . I was not convinced though that such a small tub of hand cream could be worth the money (after all you can get nice sized bottles from the pound shop) . I was passing it on to my mother to try - she is a regular hand cream user and i felt she would be better at trying it.

Mums Thoughts - She has the same doubts as me . To her hand cream is hand cream . She does admit that she quickly changed her mind - after a week the tub was still almost full as only a little is needed each time and it lasts for hours. Rather than needing hand cream constantly through out the day she only needed it once or twice - not only that but her hands and nails were softer than ever.

Would i buy it myself ? My mum does say she loves it but also that she is not sure she could bring herself to spend more than a pound or two on cream . I on the other hand think that it would make a perfect birthday/mothers day/Christmas present for her and would happily buy it myself

Monday, 23 May 2011

Petfood Warehouse

"Make unpleasant odours a thing of the past"

Product – Cat's Best ├ľkoPlus Clumping Litter

Available fromPetfood Warehouse


Product Description

├ľkoPlus is currently the only biodegradable and clump-forming eco cat litter available on the market. Made from organic fibres that come from untreated domestic fir and spruce wood (that accumulates naturally in the environment) it helps to make the unpleasant indoor odours a thing of the past.
The litter is compostable and biodegradable , has a natural smell , is lightweight and velvety soft.

My thoughts – I could feel a difference straight away , it smelled much like natural wood shavings and felt lovely - much better than the litter we normally use. It kept the smell for a long time and clumped together really well for scooping.

Cats Thoughts - Not sure - i think if she could talk she would say it was softer and nicer than normal .

Would i buy it myself ?  It is more expensive that i would normally buy but one bag does last alot longer so you get more for your money. I think i would buy this for my cat

Friday, 20 May 2011

Poppy Cat

"Poppy Cat likes bathtime, Poppy Cat likes bear ...Poppy cats likes to snuggle up and stories in the chair"


I could go on , the above is a quote from a long time favorite book of the children Goodnight Poppy Cat . It has been one of few books that is pulled out at least once a week , after 6 years of this routine i no longer need to look at it but can recite it from heart.

When the trailer first appeared on Nick Jr my children were already addicted and waited around excitedly for May 2nd to appear . Thankfully they were not disappointed .

Poppy cat and his 5 friends go on many adventures in the bright and colourful land . They theme tune is catchy and the episodes just the right length. It is voiced by Joanna Page from Gavin &Stacey and her tones suits the show perfectly.

I think the producers have done a fabulous job of preserving the same feel as the books and at the same time making them fun for kids. My 2 year old in particular is hooked and constantly asking for Poppy cat.

Poppy cat is on at 10am on Nick Jr , why not check out some video clips while you wait?

(I was provided some poppy cat merchendise in return for the review but we honestly do love the show around here )

Monday, 16 May 2011

My All Grow'd Up Cup

Product – My All Grow'd Up Cup

Available fromHappy Holly Daisy and from other major retailers such as Boots, Tesco


Product Description – "A drinking beaker in a holder that affixes to your child's car window the fridge or the patio doors by means of 3 suctions pads. This clever invention prevents drivers from having to take their hands off the steering wheel and their eyes off the road to give their toddler a drink in the car. It also prevents drinks being left all over the house as kids just love to pop the cup back in the holder as when they do so its makes an elephant sound. Not only is the cup fun, but it also encourages dexterity, and as the holder is permanently positioned your child is likely to drink more as they always know where to go for a drink. Age:18 months + Dimensions: 13.5cm (h) x 9cm (w) x 18cm (d) - unpackaged Batteries: 2 x AAA Included Colours: Available in Pink, Blue, Orange and Lime Green"

My thoughts – Very cute and a fun idea, we stick the holder on the fridge and it makes it very easy to find. Cleans well , does not leak and provides fun for the children to. Keep meaning to take it into the car as the thought of putting it on the window is wonderful. It holds a decent amount to.

Kids Thoughts - The girls thought it was amazing , they loved putting it in its holder and taken it back out and it and always giggled at the noise . Ru was less impressed (that was my fault - i tried to give it to him when he was just up and in a bad mood) and for a while refused to drink from it. He got over it now and loves his "cup with eyes"

Would i buy it myself ? - This is were it gets tough - i think it is a great product and very useful . The design and colours are cute and kids seem to love them . They are (to me) expensive at £12.99 and i don't think i could justify it to myself when i know i could get sippy cups for £1 .

Monday, 2 May 2011

Little Tykes Cozy Coupe


The classic Cozy coupe is back in this 30th Anniversary edition . The car has a whole new look and is designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear . It is also available in Pink or maybe you would prefer a cop car or a taxi cab? Something for every child.

I have fond memories of this car from my own child hood , the bright yellow and red colours sticking with me for all these years. Despite all the fun alternates available i only wanted the classic one for my children . It was a little time consuming to build but once done is a sturdy and well loved toy that after almost 2 years is played with on a almost daily basis. It has been used as an indoor toy (and we live in a small 2 bedroom flat and it goes in and out rooms with no problems ) and is spending the summer out in grans back garden transporting the kids from the swing to slide and back again.

A cozy coupe is a real classic toy and my 5 year old gets as much enjoyment from it as my 2 year old . It encourages imagination and gets them moving. The only slight complaint i could make is sometimes the kids struggle a little with it over the grass and have to put more effort into it than they do the flooring/carpet of insides.

It is suitable for 18months and up (although at 12 months my son could go in it and work it fine ) 

My children claim it is "the best car in the world , it would be better if it was bigger so we could drive it on the real roads and sit in it together"


(This is not a sponsered post , this car was purchased with our own money)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Blog

This is *my* blog but it is not *mines* if that makes sense. This blog is set up for a different purpose than my other blog and it is not where my heart really lies. If this blog was to vanish tomorrow and i would be ok with it but if my other was lost i would be heartbroken.

For over 4 years now i have been blogging and recording my children's life .

I have blogged when happy , blogged when sad and when so tired i could barely sleep. My blog was my lifeline during the month when my daughter was 3 and fighting for her life. I even blogged when i was in labour with my son.

Someday i want to turn my blog into a book - not one for publishing but one for me to give to the children .


Synchronization Of Us is my real baby and the one that will still be going long after this one has been forgotten.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Babyroyale Luxury Blanket

Product Babyroyale luxury baby blanket:

Available , Hello Baby


Product Description – Luxurious organic bamboo baby blankets that combines a unique blend of natural fibres that are perfect for babies skin . They are 70% Organic Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton and Naturally antibacterial and Naturally hypoallergenic . They are 90cm x 75cm and available in 3 different colours.The blankets are also environmentally friendly and 3 x more absorbent than cotton

My thoughts – I can not fault this blanket at all , it is so soft and feels lovely . I could easily imagine wrapping up a little one in it and not worrying about the irritating them. They are a little more expensive that what you would expect to pay for a baby blanket but definitely worth it . They are well made and i think will last for years.

Kids Thoughts - They loved it , "it is sooooooooo soft " said both the girls - the only thing they complained about was it being blue and for boys ...not girls.

Would i buy it myself ? - Yes i would considering buying this for future babies (if i was to have anymore that is) . I think it could make a lovely gift for expectant parents to.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Coming Up

I cannot think of the next few months without feeling excited and happy . I have so much coming up and many of them are MY THINGS. Things that are just mine and only about me . I almost feel overwhelmed just thinking about it but at the same time i cannot wait.

These things include

- My Doula course
- PCBF the first Scottish blogger conference , the after party and a night spent in a hotel ALL ALONE
- Becoming a Community mum (breastfeeding councillor ...hopefully) . The training course starts beginning of May
- The weekend Doula retreat (a full weekend away with no kids or hubby)
- Finishing my first year at the Open University and sitting my exam.

Of course on top of these i have the preparations for Eilidh starting school , Rebecca's 6th birthday and hopefully a trip to Blackpool for it . Also have a good friend due her 2nd child the end of May (a boy so Ru finally has someone to play with yeah) and i cannot wait to get some snuggles.

The next few months are going to rock :)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Project 365 - Week 14

April 4 The boy and his Auntie

2011-04-04 15.16.38

April 5 The photo to be shared with all future girlfriends


April 6 Learning to read


April 7 Breakfast time


April 8 Hill Climbing


April 9 Burying a sibling


April 10 Outdoors fun


Monday, 11 April 2011

Project 365 - Week 13

Late , late with this but as i said school holidays = busy times. Hopefully should have week 14 tomorrow.

March 28 Sunbathing Kitty


March 29 Running around


March 30 School disco


March 31 Hospital


April 1 Papa's Hat


April 2 Painting walls


April 3 A cup of tea, drank in the afternoon while home alone


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Friday, 1 April 2011

Project 355 - Week 12

(Late this week , been so busy...and with schools off most of April i imagine blogging will be put on the back burner)

March 21 Sleeping on floor


March 22 More Sleeping On Floor


March 23 Playing in the park


March 24 Sunshine and scooters


March 25 Nana's back garden


March 26 More outside fun


March 27 Making birthday cards


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hair - Story

She was born with lovely dark hair


From birth i knew i would let it grow long and lovely . Of course i did not count on someone shaving a patch of her hair to put in an IV (IN HER HEAD )


As she grew so did her hair


(Although i struggle to find pictures that show how much she really had , it seemed short from the front but was long at the back) .

Now she is 5 and i still love her hair


It is long and shiny , i love just sitting brushing it. Her hair is still baby fine and it makes it difficult to style and it looks messy two minutes after you brush it.

I am still attached to it though , we have discovered her hair now touches her bum and it makes us all giggle :)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Blogging Rules

I admit it - i am hanging up my "wanna be a top blogger hat" . I was determined , i was going to build this blog up and up and make it into something. Then i was hit with the realisation - I DON'T WANT TO. I enjoy blogging , it is fun but that is it . If now and then i get a free product or a little extra cash yah but otherwise i don't want this is be my "job" . I don't like writing , i don't like having to compete or come up with something interesting . I just want to be me .

I have drawn up a set of blogging rules for myself which include

1 - Blog when i want , if that means once a day or once a month it does not matter. Don't feel the need to post everyday.
2 - Take part in anything i want even if it means my blog is only made up of that content (which means project 365 - the gallery - Silent Sunday etc.)
3 - Don't check stats (deleted accounts from google analytics already)
4 - Have fun , don't stress , enjoy

That is it :)

I already feel i have my life full and while stopping blogging was not an option , stopping trying to hard was . My kids are growing up , i am attempting to build a career (outside of blogging) , i have a husband and a house and want to read every spare second . These things are me and i love them .

I will still be around but i am no longer caring if i am part of the in crowd or not and this makes me feel happier than getting thousands of hits ever could.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I was worried when my eldest started school . Her speech is behind and she is selectively mute . She is not a perfect student and never has been , it is not so much that she struggles with learning but she struggles with patience . She has never done anything when she was "suppose" to , she does stuff on her own schedule and you will normally find she does it well .

None of this phases her , she is happy and while she may not be top of the class she enjoys it . She loves to learn and thinks homework is amazing .


Her latest love is adding - this is her favourite thing ever if you ask her . She loves to be asked addition questions and loves for us to ask them back .

I am so proud of how far she has came this first year in school.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Project 355 - Week 11



March 15 Shattered boy , sleeps


March 16 Pre sleep kitty cuddles


March 17 Day Out


March 18 Pj day (For Red Nose Day)


March 19 Fun On The Xbox


March 20 Choo Choo fun at grans