Monday, 13 June 2011

Win - The Tea Selection CLOSED

Winner of the competition is @annieanna24 Congrats :)


Do you like tea ?

I love tea - have been a tea drinker for many years and needs many cups to help me through the day . I love ordinary tea , your herbal teas and now and then a fruity concoction . I take them all the same - just tea bag and water , i never add milk or sugar.

The London Tea company has a little bit of everything - no matter what your preference you would be able to find it there. Set up in 2003 the company aims to provide -

Organic tea leaves
The highest quality tea bushes
Traditional (orthodox) Tea Manufacturing Methods
Biodegradable boxes and pouches
Fairtrade ideals
The best tea blenders and tasters in the world
Hand picked tea

They love tea and want to make sure that we love it to .

They have kindly offered to give away a lovely selection box of teas to one of my lucky readers - the box contains

8x English Breakfast
8x Earl Grey
8x Green Tea
8x Camomile
8x Camomile &; Lavender
8x Lemongrass, Ginger &Citrus Fruits
8x White Tea, Elderflower & Apricot,
8x Peppermint
8x Green Tea Mango & Ginger Tea Bags

(I really want to try the Camomlile and Lavender one...) .

To be in with a chance of winning just leave a comment telling me about tea - what is your favorite ? How do you take it ? Do you prefer other hot drinks ?

Winner will be picked randomly on Monday 20th of June at 7pm .

Good luck to all


  1. I love a good cup of tea, as long as it is warm I can drink it. I like green tea with fruit flavours, but to be honest I drink black coffee far more than I should!

  2. I love a really strong cup of tea in the winter to warm me up.

  3. I am a tea monster and love to take any tea in peace and quiet and when the boys were small would even take to locking myself in the downstairs loo to actually get a warm cup. I love chai and Englsih Breakfast

  4. Oooh, my favourite teas are those that remind me of my best holidays - Mate (Argentinian tea I drunk on my honeymoon), Ceylon tea (a trip to visit my sister in Sri Lanka) and proper Green Tea (my best friend lives in Tokyo!). You can't beat peppermint tea after dinner either!

  5. Builder style

    milk and 2 sugars

  6. All my family are avid tea drinkers - except me, although that lemongrass, ginger and citrus one might tempt me.

  7. I like strong tea best :)

  8. I'm not a massive tea drinker but when i do I like it to be good. I like a Burt & Tang Ginger tea and I also like a lovely pot of Earl Grey. The rest of the family is tea mad though..and my teenage daughter and her friends drink so many cups in an afternoon it's like having a bunch of pensioners round.

    I'm also loving Iced Tea ATM, make big jugfuls and keep in the fridge

    Thanks for the giveaway

    @medsdemon xx

  9. Oh, I am a tea addict. My first morning cup of tea has to be an Earl Grey with lemon and sugar.
    Then, depending on the mood, I change teas, but Earl Grey is definitely my fave. Many thanks!

  10. i love peppermint tea - it always smells so great too!


  11. My favourite tea is spearmint and nettle. I like most teas though and it is my favourite drink. I love a proper moroccan mint tea, steeped in a brass pot with the sugar boiled in the water not added after, it does make a difference.

  12. I love Earl Grey tea - especially on a summer afternoon, very refreshing!

  13. I love regular tea with milk and one sugar and I also like a cup of coffee occasionally, when you got two boys under 5 believe me you need it!

    Twitter - @bloomingfox

  14. I love Earl Grey during the day, and at night I often take a cup to bed with me. Either Peppermint or Camomile.

    Thanks for the chance to win, fabulous boxes they come in!

  15. I like mine straight with no sugar or milk and allowed to cool a little. I like the Breakfast tea as it's not too 'much'.

  16. I now like Rooibos or Red Bush Tea,it took my fancy after I'd read a book called The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency where all manner of crimes were solved by the "traditionally built lady" in Botswana after drinking a cup! It tastes really good too :)

  17. Caroline Elmhirst18 June 2011 at 23:47

    I love a nice refreshing peppermint tea before bed as it helps me sleep!

    Twitter @CazzaE

  18. I love teapigs Winter Spice and Liquorice/mint tea and Cosy Tea Vanilla Rooibos best, with a splash of milk, love tea :)

    twitter xxladyluck13xx

  19. My mum the tea drinker in my family loves it with milk and no sugar!