Monday, 19 August 2013

Holiday blues

Long time no post here , not sure if it will a regular occurrence or not but felt this post should be here :)

This year we went on the most awesome of family holidays . My parents , my sister and my niece plus my family spent two wonderful weeks in Florida . We hired a villa and spent many days enjoying the sun and the swimming and many theme parks .The holiday was a long time coming and something we had been planning for years , since coming home I have felt sort of deflated and depressed . I analyze the two weeks to much and regret the petty squabbles we had and wish I had taken more time to relax ,rather than try to fit everything in .

Florida is THE holiday , how do you beat it ? After those two weeks living in a huge villa with our own pool the thought of a budget busy hotel does not appeal . At the same time as wonderful as it was I'm not sure we could cope with it two years running (especially as we went to Disneyland Paris the year before it ). Been looking at holidays with Ice Lolly to see what our options for next year are . Our biggest requirement (along with a decent price ) is somewhere where we can relax a little more , preferably somewhere that is closer to home (Spain , Greece somewhere in Europe where the sun shines ) . We don't want a huge journey or time difference . We would love all inclusive and pools , kid clubs and entertainment are a must . My kids are simple creatures and this would be the ideal holiday for them . I mean have a nice image of sitting by the pool drinking cocktails with hubby while the kids are away at the kid clubs . It also must be at least 10 days (but preferably 14 days ) long.

We go away every years , not always overseas but feel a family holiday is important to us . Next years theme has got to be chill time , family time and fun time . It may be almost a year away but I loved having Florida booked early plus it gives plenty of time for planning and saving. I like to look at various hotels and the resort information , i want a hotel that includes almost everything we need but at the same time an area that we can explore. I am not wanting nightclubs and lots of young (party) people but a nice beach with maybe a water park or two nearby would be good.

 I know im crazy, its only September and its a while away but already the weather is turning, the kids are back as school and im back at uni in a few weeks . Its the only time of year we get to really spend just together and i always look forward to it.