Saturday, 17 July 2010


Well it was not a very hard challenge i set last week in this post .

It was my girls all snuggled up and sleeping , is this not the sweetest thing ?


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Can you see what it is yet?

This week we are having a little fun with the gallery , my entry is not as inventive as some but i did leave it a little late and had to use what i had already taken . So hear it is


Do you know what it is a picture of?

Reveal will be on Friday

Saturday, 10 July 2010


I am not in a blogging mood just now.

I have no patience or desire to sit and write what I'm feeling , i compose posts in my head and when i have the time to write them i cannot be bothered .

I wanted to big this blog up , spend time making it into something better but for the moment i have to recognise its not going to happen .

I think it will be a task for after summer , when my life is less full and i get to stop and breathe .

It is not all bad , i have more than enough me time - hours i get to spend doing what i want - at the moment that is just not writing.

I am heavily in a reading phase , ever spare second i pick my ebook and start to read . I finished the Harry Potters novels and I'm now starting on my Stephen King read through , all his works and novels in chronological order . I am easily spending at least 5 hours a day reading and i don't want to stop .

I do have stuff to say and many posts sitting half finished but I'm going to stop worrying and just enjoy my being. Posting will be irregular till the other side of summer , commenting and reading blogs will also have to wait for now as 3 children and a little hand held device are calling my name .

Friday, 2 July 2010

Wilkinson Nappies

I was sent these to review a few weeks back and must apologies for taken so long . I admit I'm a little hesitant to write the review as its the first time i have not had 100% positive things to say about the product.

We are sort of cloth nappy users around here which means i normally do it for a week or so then cannot be bothered and use disposables for a week or so then swap again . I always use disposable for night time though as no matter how much inserts i add the kids would always be soaked in the morning with cloth .

These days we mix cloth with Tesco own brand nappies which i love , for years we used nothing but Pampers but realised supermarket own brand were just as good but half the price and you really don't get much better than that.

Wilkinson have recently been releasing a whole range of new products designed to be affordable for the modern family which i think is a wonderful idea.

The nappies come in your usual ranges - Cosy Dry, Active Fit and Easy Pant and usual sizes and cost a reasonable £3.74 per pack .

We received a pack of cosy dry size 5 to try and i admit they seemed very basic , the nappies had a horrible papery feel about them which turned me off straight away . My children (1 full time in nappies and 1 in them at night) did not noticed any difference and my 3 year old said them felt comfy and fine . They fit both children well (boy aged 1 around 29lbs and girl aged 3 37lbs)and we had no leaks or problems . They do the job and i cannot complain about that.

I would buy them again but when i know i could get supermarket own brands for not only cheaper and be happier with the quality then they would not be my first choice .