Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hair - Story

She was born with lovely dark hair


From birth i knew i would let it grow long and lovely . Of course i did not count on someone shaving a patch of her hair to put in an IV (IN HER HEAD )


As she grew so did her hair


(Although i struggle to find pictures that show how much she really had , it seemed short from the front but was long at the back) .

Now she is 5 and i still love her hair


It is long and shiny , i love just sitting brushing it. Her hair is still baby fine and it makes it difficult to style and it looks messy two minutes after you brush it.

I am still attached to it though , we have discovered her hair now touches her bum and it makes us all giggle :)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Blogging Rules

I admit it - i am hanging up my "wanna be a top blogger hat" . I was determined , i was going to build this blog up and up and make it into something. Then i was hit with the realisation - I DON'T WANT TO. I enjoy blogging , it is fun but that is it . If now and then i get a free product or a little extra cash yah but otherwise i don't want this is be my "job" . I don't like writing , i don't like having to compete or come up with something interesting . I just want to be me .

I have drawn up a set of blogging rules for myself which include

1 - Blog when i want , if that means once a day or once a month it does not matter. Don't feel the need to post everyday.
2 - Take part in anything i want even if it means my blog is only made up of that content (which means project 365 - the gallery - Silent Sunday etc.)
3 - Don't check stats (deleted accounts from google analytics already)
4 - Have fun , don't stress , enjoy

That is it :)

I already feel i have my life full and while stopping blogging was not an option , stopping trying to hard was . My kids are growing up , i am attempting to build a career (outside of blogging) , i have a husband and a house and want to read every spare second . These things are me and i love them .

I will still be around but i am no longer caring if i am part of the in crowd or not and this makes me feel happier than getting thousands of hits ever could.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I was worried when my eldest started school . Her speech is behind and she is selectively mute . She is not a perfect student and never has been , it is not so much that she struggles with learning but she struggles with patience . She has never done anything when she was "suppose" to , she does stuff on her own schedule and you will normally find she does it well .

None of this phases her , she is happy and while she may not be top of the class she enjoys it . She loves to learn and thinks homework is amazing .


Her latest love is adding - this is her favourite thing ever if you ask her . She loves to be asked addition questions and loves for us to ask them back .

I am so proud of how far she has came this first year in school.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Project 355 - Week 11



March 15 Shattered boy , sleeps


March 16 Pre sleep kitty cuddles


March 17 Day Out


March 18 Pj day (For Red Nose Day)


March 19 Fun On The Xbox


March 20 Choo Choo fun at grans


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tree Climbing

I was not to sure of this weeks theme "Trees" and had no idea what to use . Then when sorting recent pictures i came across a couple of cute ones from last week. What is more fun than a little tree climbing after school .






Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wemmi Wipes

"From babies to bike riding, cooking to camping and from triathlons to travelling, Wemmi’s are the ultimate handy expandy wipe."

Product – Wemmi Wipes - "Handy expandy wipe"

Available from – Various places , visit here to find the stockists.

Official Site


Product Description – "Wemmi Wipes™ are:

* Environmentally friendly
* 100% natural
* Chemical-free
* Disposable
* Re-usable
* Conveniently packaged to suit all situations
* Brand new!

In fact, Wemmi Wipes are really rather good!

Each Wemmi Wipe™ is a small, dry tablet. The Wemmi expands when you follow the Wemmi Way.....WET ME.....GROW ME.....USE ME.

Wemmi Wipes are available in three different packaging options, depending on your intended use.

My thoughts –It took me a minute to work out what they were , there are so small and compact and at first i was thinking they were some sort of sweets . Once placed in water they expand and open out quickly and do a great job of cleaning (be it kids , adults or objects) . I love how they are small enough to keep a few in my purse or pocket .You need to have some sort of water source to wet them which could be a problem , once i used a little water from a drinking bottle which opened it right up and meant i could clean my kiddies dirty faces. As they are chemical free and just contain water they are perfect for sensitive skin .

Kids Thoughts -The kids think they are magic , they don't care about the wipes of course but find it "amazing" the way they expand when placed under water. I have lost about half the ones i was sent to review with them playing with them. I admit the giggling is almost worth it.

Would i buy it myself ? -Yes , at the moment i normally have baby wipes with me as my youngest is still in nappies but i always seem to miss them when out when my older ones. These wipes are a perfect replacement and something i would definetly purchase myself.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Project 355 - Week 10

March 7 Enjoying some fresh air after school


March 8 Doing her maths homework


March 9 Having a dance along to some Britney


March 10 Early morning games


March 11 Early morning Eilidh (i admit it - could not find my camera for most of the day and this was the only shot taken)


March 12 We had a party...for the cat.


March 13 Cool Eilidh


Tuesday, 8 March 2011


1. The act or process of recollecting past experiences or events.
2. An experience or event recollected: "Her mind seemed wholly taken up with reminiscences of past gaiety" (Charlotte Brontë).
3. A narration of past experiences. Often used in the plural.
4. An event that brings to mind a similar, former event.
I look at him and he is big , he is wonderful and oh so grown up . He was a baby just yesterday and now he is a big boy and i am struggling with it .  I keep looking back at his baby pictures, i have been watching videos and wonder how did it happen ? He is the most difficult of my children , nothing is simple with him but i still love him till it hurts . Time passes , kids age and there is nothing i can do to stop it.


T Shirt Printing

Products – Personalised T shirts, Hooded tops, Sweatshirts and Workwear.

Available from – Website

Official Site

(This is not the t-shirt we were sent - unfortunately i don't have a picture of it . This is also unfortunately not my husband modeling it - this is a picture from the official website)

Product Description – ", is your number one destination for screen printing your personalised T shirts, hooded tops, sweatshirts and workwear.

* Highly competitive pricing
* Huge selection of garments and colours
* High Quality Silk Screen Printing
* Quantities from 12 to 100,000
* Fast turnaround times

If you are looking for bespoke printed T shirts for your workwear, team or you are developing a fashion collection we can offer advice, discuss the best options in terms of the blank garments and make the whole process easy and painless."

My thoughts – We were sent one of the T-Shirts they offer to review , it was cute and fitted my husband well . It was good quality - the cotton was thick (but not too thick) and it washed up well .

Kids Thoughts - "Aww cute Monkey...can i have it?" (Direct quote from 4 year old)

Would i buy it myself ? - Yes i would happily use this site , i am thinking about the cute personalised hoodies i could buy for the kids already...

Monday, 7 March 2011

Project 354 - Week 9

February 28 Fresh from the bath


March 1 3 lovely girls


March 2 One lovely boy


March 3 One boy throwing a huge tantrum over a dropped apple


March 4 Kids behind bars


March 5 Building a "den" on lazy Saturday


March 6 Being "Mother" at Grans


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Simple Pleasures

Life to me is made up of lots of little simple pleasures , it may be a long hot bath or curling up in my bed with my book .It may be an unexpected break during the day or a bar or chocolate. All simple and guaranteed to make me smile .

But nothing beats the simple pleasure i get watching my children , together or separate it does not matter but they are what makes my life worth living.

This morning the sun was shinning , Ruaridh and i left nice and early and enjoyed a leisurely stroll to his playgroup . The walk was full with his laughter and chatter , we had no need to rush so he was free to explore everything .

My real simple pleasure is watching them enjoy there simple pleasures.