Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Blogging Rules

I admit it - i am hanging up my "wanna be a top blogger hat" . I was determined , i was going to build this blog up and up and make it into something. Then i was hit with the realisation - I DON'T WANT TO. I enjoy blogging , it is fun but that is it . If now and then i get a free product or a little extra cash yah but otherwise i don't want this is be my "job" . I don't like writing , i don't like having to compete or come up with something interesting . I just want to be me .

I have drawn up a set of blogging rules for myself which include

1 - Blog when i want , if that means once a day or once a month it does not matter. Don't feel the need to post everyday.
2 - Take part in anything i want even if it means my blog is only made up of that content (which means project 365 - the gallery - Silent Sunday etc.)
3 - Don't check stats (deleted accounts from google analytics already)
4 - Have fun , don't stress , enjoy

That is it :)

I already feel i have my life full and while stopping blogging was not an option , stopping trying to hard was . My kids are growing up , i am attempting to build a career (outside of blogging) , i have a husband and a house and want to read every spare second . These things are me and i love them .

I will still be around but i am no longer caring if i am part of the in crowd or not and this makes me feel happier than getting thousands of hits ever could.


  1. They sound like perfect blog rules to me xxx

  2. Way to go!
    That's what it should be about, some fun and if new connections come of it, all the better.