Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wemmi Wipes

"From babies to bike riding, cooking to camping and from triathlons to travelling, Wemmi’s are the ultimate handy expandy wipe."

Product – Wemmi Wipes - "Handy expandy wipe"

Available from – Various places , visit here to find the stockists.

Official Sitehttp://www.reallyrathergoods.com/


Product Description – "Wemmi Wipes™ are:

* Environmentally friendly
* 100% natural
* Chemical-free
* Disposable
* Re-usable
* Conveniently packaged to suit all situations
* Brand new!

In fact, Wemmi Wipes are really rather good!

Each Wemmi Wipe™ is a small, dry tablet. The Wemmi expands when you follow the Wemmi Way.....WET ME.....GROW ME.....USE ME.

Wemmi Wipes are available in three different packaging options, depending on your intended use.

My thoughts –It took me a minute to work out what they were , there are so small and compact and at first i was thinking they were some sort of sweets . Once placed in water they expand and open out quickly and do a great job of cleaning (be it kids , adults or objects) . I love how they are small enough to keep a few in my purse or pocket .You need to have some sort of water source to wet them which could be a problem , once i used a little water from a drinking bottle which opened it right up and meant i could clean my kiddies dirty faces. As they are chemical free and just contain water they are perfect for sensitive skin .

Kids Thoughts -The kids think they are magic , they don't care about the wipes of course but find it "amazing" the way they expand when placed under water. I have lost about half the ones i was sent to review with them playing with them. I admit the giggling is almost worth it.

Would i buy it myself ? -Yes , at the moment i normally have baby wipes with me as my youngest is still in nappies but i always seem to miss them when out when my older ones. These wipes are a perfect replacement and something i would definetly purchase myself.

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