Monday, 29 November 2010



Would could more appropriate to review than a CD called Snowflake ? Scotland is snowy central just now and it is forecast all week . My kids are thrilled.

From the makers of Lullaby, a children’s bedtime CD, and Toybox, a collection of nursery rhymes for playtime, the Rainbow Collections is proud to announce the release of the final album in its trilogy – Snowflake.

Snowflake brings to life traditional Christmas songs recreated by the voice of trip-hop band, Zero 7, lead singer Sophie Barker and producer KK who has worked with many famous artists including Bjork and Brian Eno.

Featuring popular all time Christmas classics including ‘Jingle bells’, ‘Frosty the Snowman’, ‘Deck the halls’, ‘Little Donkey’ and ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’, Snowflake includes 16 tracks of stunning new arrangements and festive favourites the whole family can enjoy over the festive period. The album also features a brand new Christmas song called 'Santa's Little Helpers' sung by Sophie and accompanied by the London children's choir.

Snowflake is available from November 6th at, and HMV.

We have been big funs since the first listen , the kids all love to get up and sign/dance along . It is really the perfect kids Christmas CD and i am sure it will be a well used CD around here every year. It is a great sing along CD for the car also . I admit the slow tempo Jingle Bells gets us each time and the girls have been requesting i skip it lately (when it is normal there favorite ) , but apart from that one song its as perfect as perfect gets.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Like It Matters


I don't get why parenting is so competitive (but i feel the pull myself)

I don't know why it matters it a child walks at 9 months or 19 (there must be something wrong with the late walkers , the parent must be doing something wrong so the pre mother me once said)

First words , when they start sitting , when they crawl why does it all matter ?

Why did people look at me in horror when i mentioned my 18 month old daughter was not walking yet?
Why did the same people a few months down the line act so shocked when i said my 9 month old daughter was walking . Why would there child who you know was not walking till there birthday suddenly of started at 8 months ?

Maybe i am getting my bitch on now

But you can look at my daughters and you could not tell which one was the late walker and which one the early .

I don't get why it matters if your child toilet trains early or moves into a bed before its first birthday . I got that look today (you must know that look) when i mention my son now a whole 26 months still sleeps in his cot and is not toilet trained . "Oh " the mother so nicely commented "my dd was out of nappies by 18 months and in a bed by 1" . My response (in my head) was WHO GIVES A F*** . We are happy and don't want to rock the boat..

Parents should pay more attention to the child - are they loved ? are they kissed and cuddled each and every day ? are they sick of the constant "i love yous" and attention . That is what matters ...not when they walked or talked .

(And god forbid the oh so proud parent talking about there 16 week old child and how much solids she takes every day . That to me does matter)

this has been a post bought to you in conjunction with Sleep is for the weak and the lovely writing workshop. It is jumbled thoughts in my head and not very well written but i wanted it out there

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

That Photo

"Black and White"

I imagine most parents have a similar picture to the one i am going to share this week for the gallery . Not in contents but in the way it makes you feel - an innocent moment was captured but looking at the picture later my breath caught in my throat . The girl captured on camera was not a baby , she was a beautiful young girl and for the first time i really understood that . I cried over this picture then and now 3.5 years later is still evokes those emotions .


She was a little over 2 years old there , i still thought of her as a baby. She was a little girl and in this picture i saw for the first time the big girl she was becoming.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

CBeebies Song Time

LTDMG022_CBeebies 8PP

Are you a Cbeebies fan ? More importantly is your child ?

At this time of year especially i definitely prefer Cbeebies over other channels for the children (no adverts if you don't know what i mean) , all three adore many of the shows and get excited when watching them .

When we were asked to review the CBeebies song time album (Out NOW priced only £8.93)we jumped at the chance .

The album is described as

CBeebies ‘Song Time’ is a 2CD album featuring 50 tracks from the BBC’s popular children’s channel. CBeebies is the largest kids brand in the UK, with over 90 programmes on the channel.

‘Song Time’ is set to be a hugely popular album in the run up to Christmas and it makes perfect stocking filler. Fantastic for entertaining young fans and parents / grandparents can join in and sing along too!

The album has instantly recognisable tracks from the channel including theme tunes from current shows including ZingZillas, LazyTown, Gigglebiz, Show Me Show Me to classics such as Balamory, Tellytubbies and In The Night Garden.

My kids were confused at first , my 2 year old  was annoyed because he though the TV shows were coming on . They soon got over that though and had a great time dancing away to the album , the girls had great fun guessing what show each song came from . It was a bit of a novelty and i think will make the perfect in the car cd .
It is a great CD, something for all the Cbeebies fans and with over 50 tracks it will last the distance . I guess if i was to say something negative about it would be i think it would be slightly boring for those who had no idea what Cbeebies is - but then again why would someone who had never watched Cbeebies by a Cbeebies CD?

I think this would make a lovely little stocking stuffer for any of our little pre-schoolers .

Saturday, 20 November 2010



Over the part year or so i have trialled various Ecover products , i admit i have not actually wrote about them and i still feel guilty about it. When the company got in touch again and asked if i would like some laundry products i was so happy they would want to work with me again.

Firstly what is Ecover?
It is the UK’s leading manufacturer of effective and ecological cleaning and washing products. Not only do they provide excellent cleaning products but they are chemical free and environmentally safe. Ecover actually care about the environment and try to help .

I truly love there products , not only do they smell lovely but they do the job just as well as other similar products . I have no problems with the kids helping me clean when i use them , i have no worries about the chemicals getting on there delicate skin.

Lately we have been using the Stain remover , laundry liquid and fabric softener.
All work great , at first i admit i though the laundry liquid was a little strange. It is thick (think bubble mixture , washing up liquid)and leaves a distinct smell on the clothes . My bed has not been washed in a few days and you can still smell it . It is lucky as i do love the smell but if you didn't then it could be an issue.

Overall i can not really say a bad thing about any of the Ecover products , i love the company and what they stand for and i love the products.

They save the earth but they don't cost the earth :)

Think Yourself Slim

I am overweight . It is not a secret and i have mentioned it before .

This fact depresses me , it makes me feel ugly and can make leaving the house hard. It is hard but i am fat and i know it . I am technically classified as obese (although i don't know if it that bad , i am a size 18) .

I want to loose weight and have started and failed many diets this year alone , i sometimes drop a stone or so then just fall back into bad habits again. I have no will power and food makes me happy. I am very much off the diet just now , with Christmas coming i have gave up . To many (children) parties and outings coming up and these normal always end with selection boxes .

When i first heard about Slimpods i admit i brushed it aside - being able to loose weight just by listening to a recording - not likely.
Then i though about it and realised how does it really differ from the Natal Hypnotherapy cds i used to prepare myself for the birth of my son ? . I found they helped then so why could they not work now ?

I admit i am still not sure but at this point i am willing to try anything, if it works it works but if it doest i have not lost anything. I am going to be trialling this program in the next few days so will be able to let everyone know how it works then. Has anyone else ever used Hypnotherapy (for anything really) and found it works ?

Video embed code:

Friday, 19 November 2010

Haunted Toilets

I cannot tell you how old we were .

I am guessing around 8-9 . We were young girls and had the imaginations of such.

We were also convinced our school toilets were haunted.

I wish i could remember more about the situation but its just small scary flashes now and i can still remember being terrified of going in there .

How did the rumour start ? I don't know
Who started it ? I don't know

I remember taps that seemed to go on and off themselves , teeth marks on the door and the colour red . I remember a window in the roof and the dark shadow crossing it. I remember steamed up windows and girls screeching.... and i am not not sure if i can actually trust my memories.

We girls would also go in pairs , terrified each time but there was safety in numbers (at least we 8 year olds thought so) .I remember once being forced to go alone , i sat in the toilet unable to move with fear . When the door went it took ever ounce of my strength not to scream (it was just another girl coming in) .

The teachers knew of our fears and i think it annoyed them , i remember at times being told we were not allowed to talk about it. Then it seemed to add to the mystery of it all.

Looking back i think it was nothing , i don't think the toilets were haunted and i think we were a bunch of young girls just freaking each other out. But i still remember the fear i felt during those trips ...

Written as part of the writers workshop over at Sleep is for the weak . I choose prompt 

2. Paranormal Activity
- Have you got a spooky story you can share?

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Before And After

This week we are asked for Before and After . I really thought about this one - first going with baby/child then maybe pregnancy/baby. Then moved on to rooms and maybe one of a messy room then tidy room but could not find the pictures i really wanted. Then was looking for art/work or baking but again could not seem to find a good few shots. So here it is my finally choice.

Before (A busy day out)


After (On the bus home)


Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Phone Done It

(Edited to add...)
While i was out with the children celebrating the arrival of Santa , my phone (which was in my pocket) decided to blog for me . Not only did it blog for me but it added a video in the post. So enjoy some music courtesy of Laura's phone.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Breathing Space

It was one of the most difficult times of my life.

My eldest daughter then just 3 year old was in hospital fighting for her life . At times we were unsure when or if she would wake up and be ours again . It was the second time we went through this , as a newborn we had a similar experience .

The 2nd time seems to have left a much deeper scar , it was a much darker time . This was not a baby i did not know but my girl , the girl i had spent 3 years loving and she was so very sick . I also could not devote all my time to her , her sister then only 1 years old needed me...needed her mum, as did the baby i was carrying inside me.

I look back on that month with horror and pride , the help we received from family and friends made the experience just a little less horrid . My one year old was spoiled and cared for even if i could not be around

There is one bright day that stands out from the rest . I cannot remember the reason but i was not going to the hospital till later that day and i got to spend the morning with Eilidh . We went to our local country park and ran around , we saw animals and played in the park and most importantly enjoyed each other . Her life had changed so much and so suddenly and this was just a normal morning .

I found joy in her laughter and antics , i found happiness in the chatter and freedom. I got to breath that day , i enjoyed the sun and being mum again .

I held my baby close and just had to have faith in my *other* baby being ok.


It always comes back to the same thing , for me (even if they are the source of my problems) nothing helps me relax and re-charge like the amazing hugs and kisses from my children . In the darkest times i seek them and i need them , they can always make everything better .

This was part of the Writing Workshop i choose prompt 2

. Coming Up For Air (by George Orwell)
- Write about a time you found peace after a difficult time. Or, alternatively, write about breathing spaces. What helps you re-charge?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I am not sure i am completely filling the brief for this weeks Gallery post which asks for pictures of seasons . I am could not find a Autumn type picture in my archive and have no camera batteries just now to snap one .

I love seasons , i find them not extreme enough in Scotland . Autumn is lovely , the golden leaves and the crisp air . Spring with the cold but sunny days , Summer with the rain and more rain and winter with more of the same (unless last year with its non stop snow becomes a trend . I want a hot , long dry summer . I want a cold , snow filled winter and for Autumn and Spring to bridge those gaps .

For my pictures i have went from one extreme to the other.

Enjoying the summer sun


Enjoying the winter snow


Saturday, 6 November 2010


How are you ?

Are you as cold as me ? I sure hope not because i am freezing . Two cardigans , gloves and hot chocolate are not helping . I think i am turning blue .

It is about 6degrees outside (about 41F) , it is very wet and windy and we have no windows . I wish hubby had listened to everyone and arranged for new windows in the summer .

I remember viewing this flat for the first time almost 7 years ago , the decor was terrible and all the rooms needed fixed up . That was all fine but the windows were the one thing that almost made me decide against it .They were old , single glazing with peeling metal frames. 5 years ago the housing market was in a completely different place and flats were being sold as soon as they got on the market . I was young (21) and single (sort of ) and only had a limited amount to spend . I made an offer and it was accepted , we fixed up the place and replaced what we could but new windows were just outwith that current budget . Next year we said...

Then came the baby and the wedding , the the other baby and the other baby and it was just sort of forgotten

Now finally 7 years later we are getting around to it , i am hoping it will make a difference with selling the place but also protect us a little better against the winter weather .

Who knew new windows could get me so excited :)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Show Me The Funny

Week 32 of The Gallery and what can i post today ?

These were posted on my other blog but i just thought they fit the promt perfectly .

Me - "Stand next to each other girls , let me get a picture of you both in you Halloween costumes"
Girls - "We don't want to"


Me - " Come on girls , just one quick picture"
Becca - "Ok " cuddles her sister
Eilidh " I don't want to"


Me - "Why not give each other a little kiss
Becca - "Ok"
Eilidh - (Screams) "I DON'T WANT TO "


Me - "Come on"
Becca stands annoyed
Eilidh laughs and quickly kisses her sister


Then they got to party..

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


It is November . It is NaBloPoMo and buggers i missed the start , i have taken part the last few Novembers and fully planned to take part this year . Thankfully i posted on my family blog yesterday so i am hoping it still counts.

I am hoping to post every day of November but i am going to swap between the two blogs , i am not sure if that is allowed in the rules of Nablopomo but who really cares :)

I cannot believe it is November already , the weather is horrible and dark nights becoming earlier and earlier . At least the kids are going down well as they think it is the middle of the night.

And now because i am trying to have something interesting in this post how about 10 things i done today (interesting may have been over stating it some)

1 - I had breakfast (amazing....) , bagels with chili Philadelphia ( really amazing) and of course washed down with a huge cup of tea.

2 - I totally forgot to brush my hair (and by the time i remembered it was late and not worth bothering)

3 - I also forgot (hmm) to get the youngest kids dressed till after lunch .

4 - I was nearly late picking up Becca from school , i freaked when i say the time was 14.55 and had 5 minutes to wake up Ru , get him ready to go and get to the school

5 - I was almost late because i was to busy virtually shopping . Lately i have developed this strange hobby of choosing a random shop and choosing all the fun stuff i would buy if i could afford it.

6 - Lunch was cheese sandwiches and tomato soup , kids stole my soup bowl and ran away .

7 - Dinner was crap , i was meant to make Turkey meatloaf with lovely garlic potatoes but could not be bothered . We had mashed potatoes (skins still on , butter only in them) with frozen Yorkshire puddings (they were horrid) and cheese (that was good)

8 - I have a sore back , it is like really really sore . I may cry

9 - Ru grabbed the scrubbing brush from beside the sink (full of bits of gross food) and pretended to brush his teeth with it.Neither this or him pooping on top of the new printer bothered me in the slightest

10 - I am meant to be studying right now , i am doing anything i can to avoid it (which is strange because i actually enjoy it).

Bonus - I am 30 , eleven months today . Yes it does freak me out a little

So yah 2nd of the months and all that , and i am sure you will want to stick around and find out what else i have to say in the next 30 days .