Tuesday, 2 November 2010


It is November . It is NaBloPoMo and buggers i missed the start , i have taken part the last few Novembers and fully planned to take part this year . Thankfully i posted on my family blog yesterday so i am hoping it still counts.

I am hoping to post every day of November but i am going to swap between the two blogs , i am not sure if that is allowed in the rules of Nablopomo but who really cares :)

I cannot believe it is November already , the weather is horrible and dark nights becoming earlier and earlier . At least the kids are going down well as they think it is the middle of the night.

And now because i am trying to have something interesting in this post how about 10 things i done today (interesting may have been over stating it some)

1 - I had breakfast (amazing....) , bagels with chili Philadelphia ( really amazing) and of course washed down with a huge cup of tea.

2 - I totally forgot to brush my hair (and by the time i remembered it was late and not worth bothering)

3 - I also forgot (hmm) to get the youngest kids dressed till after lunch .

4 - I was nearly late picking up Becca from school , i freaked when i say the time was 14.55 and had 5 minutes to wake up Ru , get him ready to go and get to the school

5 - I was almost late because i was to busy virtually shopping . Lately i have developed this strange hobby of choosing a random shop and choosing all the fun stuff i would buy if i could afford it.

6 - Lunch was cheese sandwiches and tomato soup , kids stole my soup bowl and ran away .

7 - Dinner was crap , i was meant to make Turkey meatloaf with lovely garlic potatoes but could not be bothered . We had mashed potatoes (skins still on , butter only in them) with frozen Yorkshire puddings (they were horrid) and cheese (that was good)

8 - I have a sore back , it is like really really sore . I may cry

9 - Ru grabbed the scrubbing brush from beside the sink (full of bits of gross food) and pretended to brush his teeth with it.Neither this or him pooping on top of the new printer bothered me in the slightest

10 - I am meant to be studying right now , i am doing anything i can to avoid it (which is strange because i actually enjoy it).

Bonus - I am 30 , eleven months today . Yes it does freak me out a little

So yah 2nd of the months and all that , and i am sure you will want to stick around and find out what else i have to say in the next 30 days .

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  1. I like your list of 10 things you did today - I however, think I'd struggle to get to 10, unless
    1) Drank Tea
    2) Drank Tea
    3) Drank Tea
    4) Ate some chocolate
    5) Drank Tea
    6) Read some books with Freyja
    7) Went to the shop
    8) Got embarassed when Freyja wouldn't let go of a sandwich in the middle of said shop
    9) Got home, drank tea
    10) Did the dishes
    Does that count? Not as entertaining, I fear!

    Hannah x