Saturday, 6 November 2010


How are you ?

Are you as cold as me ? I sure hope not because i am freezing . Two cardigans , gloves and hot chocolate are not helping . I think i am turning blue .

It is about 6degrees outside (about 41F) , it is very wet and windy and we have no windows . I wish hubby had listened to everyone and arranged for new windows in the summer .

I remember viewing this flat for the first time almost 7 years ago , the decor was terrible and all the rooms needed fixed up . That was all fine but the windows were the one thing that almost made me decide against it .They were old , single glazing with peeling metal frames. 5 years ago the housing market was in a completely different place and flats were being sold as soon as they got on the market . I was young (21) and single (sort of ) and only had a limited amount to spend . I made an offer and it was accepted , we fixed up the place and replaced what we could but new windows were just outwith that current budget . Next year we said...

Then came the baby and the wedding , the the other baby and the other baby and it was just sort of forgotten

Now finally 7 years later we are getting around to it , i am hoping it will make a difference with selling the place but also protect us a little better against the winter weather .

Who knew new windows could get me so excited :)

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  1. Oh I have been there and new windows make such a major difference, but yes doing them in the summer would have made more sense, but that is men for you