Friday, 19 November 2010

Haunted Toilets

I cannot tell you how old we were .

I am guessing around 8-9 . We were young girls and had the imaginations of such.

We were also convinced our school toilets were haunted.

I wish i could remember more about the situation but its just small scary flashes now and i can still remember being terrified of going in there .

How did the rumour start ? I don't know
Who started it ? I don't know

I remember taps that seemed to go on and off themselves , teeth marks on the door and the colour red . I remember a window in the roof and the dark shadow crossing it. I remember steamed up windows and girls screeching.... and i am not not sure if i can actually trust my memories.

We girls would also go in pairs , terrified each time but there was safety in numbers (at least we 8 year olds thought so) .I remember once being forced to go alone , i sat in the toilet unable to move with fear . When the door went it took ever ounce of my strength not to scream (it was just another girl coming in) .

The teachers knew of our fears and i think it annoyed them , i remember at times being told we were not allowed to talk about it. Then it seemed to add to the mystery of it all.

Looking back i think it was nothing , i don't think the toilets were haunted and i think we were a bunch of young girls just freaking each other out. But i still remember the fear i felt during those trips ...

Written as part of the writers workshop over at Sleep is for the weak . I choose prompt 

2. Paranormal Activity
- Have you got a spooky story you can share?

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