Saturday, 20 November 2010



Over the part year or so i have trialled various Ecover products , i admit i have not actually wrote about them and i still feel guilty about it. When the company got in touch again and asked if i would like some laundry products i was so happy they would want to work with me again.

Firstly what is Ecover?
It is the UK’s leading manufacturer of effective and ecological cleaning and washing products. Not only do they provide excellent cleaning products but they are chemical free and environmentally safe. Ecover actually care about the environment and try to help .

I truly love there products , not only do they smell lovely but they do the job just as well as other similar products . I have no problems with the kids helping me clean when i use them , i have no worries about the chemicals getting on there delicate skin.

Lately we have been using the Stain remover , laundry liquid and fabric softener.
All work great , at first i admit i though the laundry liquid was a little strange. It is thick (think bubble mixture , washing up liquid)and leaves a distinct smell on the clothes . My bed has not been washed in a few days and you can still smell it . It is lucky as i do love the smell but if you didn't then it could be an issue.

Overall i can not really say a bad thing about any of the Ecover products , i love the company and what they stand for and i love the products.

They save the earth but they don't cost the earth :)

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