Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Reminder

It is a saturday afternoon and we are doing nothing.

We are all snuggling in front of the tv and enjoying the comfort of each other. It is not a day for activities or keeping busy , we all have each other and sometimes that is all we need.

I was reminded this morning how cruel and unfair life is. My heart hurts and I need my babies close . I needed to be reminded how lucky I am so please if your reading go hug your babies because there is many mothers out there who would give everything to hold there child once more.
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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Out Alone

At what are do you think it is acceptable for a child to play outside without adult supervision ?

I know it would depend alot on the individual child and i imagine the area that have to play in . I would be happier letting the girls play out the front at my mums (only small end of road and plenty of grass/Forrest ) than i would my mother in laws (busy roads everywhere) .

Our home is a mixed area , we have a small front garden and then the flat/houses car park which while busy does not have fast moving traffic . Across from the car park is a little Forrest . On the other side of the flat (i cannot see this from my home though) is a flat bit of grass good for the kids to run around on .

I worry about the car parks and the road between the Forrest's and the school , while it is normally quiet (accept for school times) i have seen cars speed up and down it . Rebecca is reasonably sensible but she is still only 5 , she knows not to go on the roads but can you really trust a 5 year old ?

We are starting small with her , she finishes school at 3 and her sister at 3.30 so we have been letting her out alone (when i say alone i actually mean with her almost 8 year old cousin) for the 20 minutes between pick up times. She is loving the freedom , she says it makes her feel "really grown up" . She is only allowed in the surrounding areas and not to go on any of the roads. When i go to get her sister she must be somewhere i can see her .

But is 5 to little for this ? Am i being a paranoid parent ?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lil Devil

Week 32 of the gallery and we are going with The Colour red . I had way to many choices this week ,red happens to be my favorite colour and often dress myself and the kids in it . I decided therefor to go back to the beginning , the theme was choose in association with Halloween so thought how about pictures from Rebecca's first Halloween



Not even 5 months old in these shots , now she will be celebrating her 6th Halloween . Said it before and will say it again - time goes way to quick .

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

All I Want

We live in a 2 bedroom flat .

We are two adults , 3 children and 1 cat . There is not enough room to swing said cat .

Every space is filled with something , we keep drawers in cupboards and under beds and have shelves full off stuff . The 3 kids (unsuccessfully) share a room and our living room is cluttered with toys . Cooking can be near impossible in the tiny kitchen with kids at the feet and lets not get started on the bathroom...

BUT i could live like this forever if i had to , none of this bothers me as much as not having a garden does . We do have a back "area" which could be called a garden but it is shared between everyone and is full of rocks/weeds and not at all suitable for young children to run around in .
I dream of having a little area of own to play with , i could send them out and all 3 could run around while i finished my cleaning .
There is so many outdoor toys available and i want to buy them all .
little tykes playhouse would be a must , my parents have a similar one and all the children adore it . I just see them sitting in it having little picnics on the not so nice days .
We would need a slide and this little tykes slide looks great fun , maybe a bit young for the girls now but i know Ru would adore it .

I could spend hours looking for stuff for the garden and not just for the kids , would like a little vegetable patch for mummy and a fancy barbecue for daddy .Plus a lovely table and chair set for us all to sit around on.

I watch the children when we got to the grandparents or else where with a garden and they are in heaven , no matter what the weather they are out there having fun . I can deal with lack of indoor space , its the lack of outdoor space that kills me

(Yes we do hope to move , place has been on the market for a year now with no luck)

(Yes this is a sponsored post on behalf of Tesco Direct but every word said is true and a subject i have been wanting to blog about . I also happen to love Tesco and use it weekly for food shopping , monthly for clothes and just a few weeks ago bought a bunch of birthday/Christmas gifts from them .)

Monday, 18 October 2010


I have an android phone , my children all like to play with it . I have a blogger app on it..

I am assuming one of them decided to publish a blog - blank but with the title

"Hispanic centrestate era arc do advantage are xtc xtc cuz Xxx cOrkscrEw"

I only wish i was witty enough to come up with a interesting blog post with that title .

Lets try and decipher a little - The Hispanic centre state era and at an advantage because of there XXX corkscrews ?

Maybe i should remove the predictive text from the phone...

The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond

Remember when i mentioned hubby and i were going away .

We went for the night , the kids survived - I survived .

It was lovely


(View from our room , the loch just in the background)


(The room itself )

It was relaxing

It was a much needed break


(We walked part of the West Highland way the next morning . Oh my what a amazing place)

(We stayed at the lovely Oak Tree Inn)

(We were in bed by 10 o'clock drinking tea - you can take the mum away from the kids but not make her stay up past her bedtime )

(Now watch this video and take in its beauty)

(No this is not a sponsored post..)

And the winner is....

 Sorry a little late but picked the winner from the competition this morning  ,thanks for all the entries.

And the winner is...

Galina Varese from Geensleeves

Your Push 'n' Stack Gears should be with you shortly , hope your little one gets as much from it as my little ones did

(Not the same one obviously lol )

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


All excited to be running my first competition on this blog .

Remember when i reviewed this product .

The lovely PR people behind it have offered to give one away to my lovely readers.


Its a Push 'n' Stack Gears from Playskools Explore N Grow range. Suitable from 9 months plus and would make the perfect Christmas present for a little one this year .
To enter just leave a comment on this post and / or tweet this link (2 entries for both) . Will pick the winner at 8pm Sunday night .UK only im afraid

And remember even if you don't win you can get 50% cashback on all playskool products by following this link

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Don't Judge

I am terrified about being judged if i reveal what i am doing tomorrow night and i know that it is completely insane. I would say about 99% of other parents have done this and when there children are a much younger age than mine .

It's ok..i can say it

Hubby and i are going away for a night , yes that is it just one night away . We will be gone less than 24 hours and i cannot wait .

Its been a long few years , the last time we were away alone with in February 2005 . We have not spent a night sans child since Rebecca was born .

But I'm nervous
I am scared
I am worried

Will Ru be ok going to sleep with out milk ?
What will happen if he wakes during the night looking for me ?

My lovely sister is watching the kids and i know she will do wonderfully but Ru has never been left before .

I want this but i don't want this . I don't want to miss a second but at the same time i need to be husband and wife again if only for a night , i want to drink and laugh and most of all sleep uninterrupted . I want to wake whenever i want the next morning and not have to jump to it within seconds of opening my eyes.

I just hope i can stop worrying long enough to enjoy it.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Here Come The Girls

It is week 30 and this weeks it all about the girls .

Easy , peasy for me . I knew straight away would share pictures of my 3 favorite girls


Sometimes i forget that I'm not actually mother to all 3 , i forget that that is not a picture of sisters but just one set of sisters and a cousin .

Aren't they all so cute ?