Wednesday, 20 October 2010

All I Want

We live in a 2 bedroom flat .

We are two adults , 3 children and 1 cat . There is not enough room to swing said cat .

Every space is filled with something , we keep drawers in cupboards and under beds and have shelves full off stuff . The 3 kids (unsuccessfully) share a room and our living room is cluttered with toys . Cooking can be near impossible in the tiny kitchen with kids at the feet and lets not get started on the bathroom...

BUT i could live like this forever if i had to , none of this bothers me as much as not having a garden does . We do have a back "area" which could be called a garden but it is shared between everyone and is full of rocks/weeds and not at all suitable for young children to run around in .
I dream of having a little area of own to play with , i could send them out and all 3 could run around while i finished my cleaning .
There is so many outdoor toys available and i want to buy them all .
little tykes playhouse would be a must , my parents have a similar one and all the children adore it . I just see them sitting in it having little picnics on the not so nice days .
We would need a slide and this little tykes slide looks great fun , maybe a bit young for the girls now but i know Ru would adore it .

I could spend hours looking for stuff for the garden and not just for the kids , would like a little vegetable patch for mummy and a fancy barbecue for daddy .Plus a lovely table and chair set for us all to sit around on.

I watch the children when we got to the grandparents or else where with a garden and they are in heaven , no matter what the weather they are out there having fun . I can deal with lack of indoor space , its the lack of outdoor space that kills me

(Yes we do hope to move , place has been on the market for a year now with no luck)

(Yes this is a sponsored post on behalf of Tesco Direct but every word said is true and a subject i have been wanting to blog about . I also happen to love Tesco and use it weekly for food shopping , monthly for clothes and just a few weeks ago bought a bunch of birthday/Christmas gifts from them .)

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