Wednesday, 24 November 2010

That Photo

"Black and White"

I imagine most parents have a similar picture to the one i am going to share this week for the gallery . Not in contents but in the way it makes you feel - an innocent moment was captured but looking at the picture later my breath caught in my throat . The girl captured on camera was not a baby , she was a beautiful young girl and for the first time i really understood that . I cried over this picture then and now 3.5 years later is still evokes those emotions .


She was a little over 2 years old there , i still thought of her as a baby. She was a little girl and in this picture i saw for the first time the big girl she was becoming.


  1. So emotive. My youngest is now four, five in March. Everso often it catches me almost unawares that she's no longer a baby, but a little girl

  2. Gorgeous picture!

    I am completely in denial about the fact that my Little Man is growing up. Want him to stay small and innocent for a while longer!