Saturday, 20 November 2010

Think Yourself Slim

I am overweight . It is not a secret and i have mentioned it before .

This fact depresses me , it makes me feel ugly and can make leaving the house hard. It is hard but i am fat and i know it . I am technically classified as obese (although i don't know if it that bad , i am a size 18) .

I want to loose weight and have started and failed many diets this year alone , i sometimes drop a stone or so then just fall back into bad habits again. I have no will power and food makes me happy. I am very much off the diet just now , with Christmas coming i have gave up . To many (children) parties and outings coming up and these normal always end with selection boxes .

When i first heard about Slimpods i admit i brushed it aside - being able to loose weight just by listening to a recording - not likely.
Then i though about it and realised how does it really differ from the Natal Hypnotherapy cds i used to prepare myself for the birth of my son ? . I found they helped then so why could they not work now ?

I admit i am still not sure but at this point i am willing to try anything, if it works it works but if it doest i have not lost anything. I am going to be trialling this program in the next few days so will be able to let everyone know how it works then. Has anyone else ever used Hypnotherapy (for anything really) and found it works ?

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  1. I've used Hypnobirthing, and it worked to some degree. Not to reduce pain but to get rid of fear (I was so seriously scared of childbirth that for many years I didn't want kids because of my fear) - which in itself is a massive achievement. And I'm not very receptive to hypnotherapy!
    As to losing weight, the only thing that ever worked for me was regular aerobic exercise, as in averaging 1 hour per day. Which, as you know, is almost impossible to keep up with kids. I haven't tried hypnotherapy for weight control though.