Monday, 6 June 2011

Nougat London Nurturing Hand Cream

Product – Nougat London Nurturing Hand Cream

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Product Description

"Our Nurturing Hand Cream is specially formulated to soften, protect your hands and strengthen your nails. This rich, yet easily absorbed, cream contains the moisturising properties of Cocoa Butter as well as Almond and Macadamia oils renowned for their ability to hydrate. Also containing natural extract of Comfrey and Vitamin E for to soothe and care for your hard working hands. "

My thoughts – My first thought was "it is tiny" , next thought was ok that smells lovely . I was not convinced though that such a small tub of hand cream could be worth the money (after all you can get nice sized bottles from the pound shop) . I was passing it on to my mother to try - she is a regular hand cream user and i felt she would be better at trying it.

Mums Thoughts - She has the same doubts as me . To her hand cream is hand cream . She does admit that she quickly changed her mind - after a week the tub was still almost full as only a little is needed each time and it lasts for hours. Rather than needing hand cream constantly through out the day she only needed it once or twice - not only that but her hands and nails were softer than ever.

Would i buy it myself ? My mum does say she loves it but also that she is not sure she could bring herself to spend more than a pound or two on cream . I on the other hand think that it would make a perfect birthday/mothers day/Christmas present for her and would happily buy it myself

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