Monday, 23 May 2011

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"Make unpleasant odours a thing of the past"

Product – Cat's Best ÖkoPlus Clumping Litter

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Product Description

ÖkoPlus is currently the only biodegradable and clump-forming eco cat litter available on the market. Made from organic fibres that come from untreated domestic fir and spruce wood (that accumulates naturally in the environment) it helps to make the unpleasant indoor odours a thing of the past.
The litter is compostable and biodegradable , has a natural smell , is lightweight and velvety soft.

My thoughts – I could feel a difference straight away , it smelled much like natural wood shavings and felt lovely - much better than the litter we normally use. It kept the smell for a long time and clumped together really well for scooping.

Cats Thoughts - Not sure - i think if she could talk she would say it was softer and nicer than normal .

Would i buy it myself ?  It is more expensive that i would normally buy but one bag does last alot longer so you get more for your money. I think i would buy this for my cat

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