Monday, 2 May 2011

Little Tykes Cozy Coupe


The classic Cozy coupe is back in this 30th Anniversary edition . The car has a whole new look and is designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear . It is also available in Pink or maybe you would prefer a cop car or a taxi cab? Something for every child.

I have fond memories of this car from my own child hood , the bright yellow and red colours sticking with me for all these years. Despite all the fun alternates available i only wanted the classic one for my children . It was a little time consuming to build but once done is a sturdy and well loved toy that after almost 2 years is played with on a almost daily basis. It has been used as an indoor toy (and we live in a small 2 bedroom flat and it goes in and out rooms with no problems ) and is spending the summer out in grans back garden transporting the kids from the swing to slide and back again.

A cozy coupe is a real classic toy and my 5 year old gets as much enjoyment from it as my 2 year old . It encourages imagination and gets them moving. The only slight complaint i could make is sometimes the kids struggle a little with it over the grass and have to put more effort into it than they do the flooring/carpet of insides.

It is suitable for 18months and up (although at 12 months my son could go in it and work it fine ) 

My children claim it is "the best car in the world , it would be better if it was bigger so we could drive it on the real roads and sit in it together"


(This is not a sponsered post , this car was purchased with our own money)


  1. My brother has one of these and every time Thomas goes there I can't get him out of it! x

  2. Great review please check out mine too.