Friday, 20 May 2011

Poppy Cat

"Poppy Cat likes bathtime, Poppy Cat likes bear ...Poppy cats likes to snuggle up and stories in the chair"


I could go on , the above is a quote from a long time favorite book of the children Goodnight Poppy Cat . It has been one of few books that is pulled out at least once a week , after 6 years of this routine i no longer need to look at it but can recite it from heart.

When the trailer first appeared on Nick Jr my children were already addicted and waited around excitedly for May 2nd to appear . Thankfully they were not disappointed .

Poppy cat and his 5 friends go on many adventures in the bright and colourful land . They theme tune is catchy and the episodes just the right length. It is voiced by Joanna Page from Gavin &Stacey and her tones suits the show perfectly.

I think the producers have done a fabulous job of preserving the same feel as the books and at the same time making them fun for kids. My 2 year old in particular is hooked and constantly asking for Poppy cat.

Poppy cat is on at 10am on Nick Jr , why not check out some video clips while you wait?

(I was provided some poppy cat merchendise in return for the review but we honestly do love the show around here )

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