Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Blog

This is *my* blog but it is not *mines* if that makes sense. This blog is set up for a different purpose than my other blog and it is not where my heart really lies. If this blog was to vanish tomorrow and i would be ok with it but if my other was lost i would be heartbroken.

For over 4 years now i have been blogging and recording my children's life .

I have blogged when happy , blogged when sad and when so tired i could barely sleep. My blog was my lifeline during the month when my daughter was 3 and fighting for her life. I even blogged when i was in labour with my son.

Someday i want to turn my blog into a book - not one for publishing but one for me to give to the children .


Synchronization Of Us is my real baby and the one that will still be going long after this one has been forgotten.

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  1. Just popped over to your other blog, it is brilliant. I wish I had the nerve to write so openly x