Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The World Around Us

Week 10 of the gallery (week 2 for me) and the prompt was "paint a picture of the world we live in" . Gosh these are hard , i searched through my entire photo achieve and im still not sure im getting it 100% . I wish i had taken my camera out with my today and taken pictures with my son but i want to get this up .

I love visiting different countries , there is a whole world out there ready to be explored and its looks like we are going to get to see a little part of Europe this year as a family .For now i look at my parents who like to jet of some where exotic and different every September .


(My dad taken a camel ride in Egypt .)

But you don't always have to go overseas to get something amazing and different , my own home is known for being beautiful and so rich in amazing history.


(Inverness 2005)

And then in my home town im lucky to have some lovely places , parks and places the children can go and play . They can run around and have experiences that will last a life time


(Calderglen Park 2009)


  1. I love the Inverness pictures (but they're all great!)

  2. Oh the clouds, I love clouds they make me smile!