Tuesday, 4 May 2010

In The Beginning Part 1

I met my husband when we were 17.
We worked together in a restaurant, we were friends and i do remember enjoying working with him but it never moved beyond that. It was not till we had both left that job that things moved forward.
Even then we did not have the best of starts, a good friend of mine was getting friendly with Craig (in a 100% non romantic way) and we started spending time together either at his place or going out to clubs. Our relationship was flirty and fun and it was on one of these nights out we shared our first kiss. It would have been perfect if he was not in a relationship, in fact the night we first kissed his girlfriend was out with us and in another room.  I will always feel guilt over that, that is not something either Craig or i would normally do. His girlfriend was lovely and thankfully forgave me, now 10 years later we will talk now and then.
Not long after that night Craig was single and we were free to be together but of course things are never that simple. For months we had a strange relationship, we were not together but enjoyed spending time together. I know it was me holding back, i did not want to be in a relationship. I was due to go to Canada in the August for who knows how long and i could not miss that opportunity for anything. I told anyone who would listen that i liked him but did not *like* him, problem was even saying his name made my stomach all fluttery and i was falling for him. We had fun drunken nights out and in and come the August i went to Canada and we said our goodbyes and promised to keep in touch.
We did not talk for another year.
I came back from Canada the beginning of 2003, my niece was just a baby and i wanted to be part of her life. I got a job and a life, even dated a lovely guy for a few months but it was never going to work out (i really liked him but could not get beyond that) and spent way too much time babysitting for my sister. One night i took Courtney a walk, she was a fussy baby and long walks helped calm her down. I got home to be told Craig had stopped by, he had heard i was back and wanted to say hello. He had left me his mobile number to call.
I was shocked and very happy, i went to text him straight away but of course my sister could not find his number. I figured that was that but he stopped by again, of course when i was out with my niece and left his number which again got lost. Fate seemed to be telling me something it seemed.
This time though i went through my old email addresses and managed to find an email for him so i sent an email. As Craig later told me it was an account he did not use any longer and it was just a co-incidence that he did receive it.
We met up again and had some lovely nights out, we texted and emailed alot. This time it was different though, you see there was nothing other than friendship between us ...the “thing” between us was no longer there.
Of course that was total bull shit and before you know it we were married with kids. If you want to know how things moved on then tune in tomorrow for part 2.

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  1. That's a lovely story! I love the idea that two people can come in and out of each others lives like that for so long before they eventually get together.