Friday, 14 May 2010

Official England World Cup Cake

It is a little known fact that anything you receive in the post to eat is calorie free, so when i was offered a cake to review i jumped at the change. A whole calorie free cake for me, what could be better.

Ironically being Scottish is was the Official England World Cup Cake. It is priced £6.99 and baked in a moist Genoese sponge, it’s covered in sugar paste icing and a plaque decoration featuring Steven Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney, Peter Crouch, Frank Lampard and Fabio Capello, who are all edible.

It is made by Midlands’s bakers and desserts specialist Elisabeth the Chef, ideal for summer BBQs, football and birthday parties or just for a treat while watching the cup. It is available to buy from Tesco and Morissons.

Now you know all that i am sure you want to hear the important stuff. How did it taste?

It was yummy, gobbled up by myself and the children in an afternoon. It was light and tasty and the icing was thick and perfect (although the kids did not agree and left most of it). Overall i think it was a delicious treat and would recommend it for those non Scottish football fans.

I would share pictures but it was gone before i could even think about getting my camera out.
(Disclaimer – cake not really calorie free unfortunately)

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