Monday, 24 May 2010


Im lonely.

It’s been over 3 weeks since my husband went away, 3 long and lonely weeks.

The children are fine and i have discovered i can cope perfectly well with all 3 alone. We are keeping busy and the kids are distracted by the new kitty. From 6am to 6pm things are fine, once the kids are in bed i get sad.

I hate the freedom, i miss having someone to talk to. I miss having hubby come home and telling him everything the kids done that day. I miss having someone tell me i cannot go to bed yet as it is only 7 o’clock and i miss having a reason to keep the place clean.

I am becoming lazy; i am tired all the time. I cannot face anything, i don’t want to blog or tweet. I don’t want to do anything other than sleep the days away. Every day that ends means him coming home is closer.
I want him back, i want to be fighting with him and getting annoyed with his mess or not getting out of bed. I was cuddles and i want to watch Lost darn it.

I know i am lucky, i have something special with my husband and being away from him is not natural. But he will be back, life will become normal again .

I will just be lonely in the mean time.


  1. Big hug from me.

    That sounds so tough. Hang in there xx

  2. ((hugs)) Laura.

    I can only imagine how hard. John has only ever been away for a couple days at a time and I find that to be tough.

  3. ugh...there is nothing worse. hugs from us too.

  4. When you're distracted with the children I can imagine it's easy to deal with, lots of time on your own is hard though. Hope it's not too long before he's back? A ((hug)) from me too.

  5. Oh sweety, it'll be over before you know it.

    ((((hugs)))) xx

  6. Gosh, that sounds really tough. At least the kids provide some distraction:)

  7. **Hugs!! Stay Strong! You've done so well.. I freak when the OH goes out for the night! Could not imagine spending a few days away from him.xx