Thursday, 13 May 2010

Stood Up

Happy birthday this week to Sleep is for the Weak, i look forward to seeing what toddlerhood brings to the blog.

This week i have chosen prompt 2 - Have you ever been stood up?

I only remember being stood up once.

I was 15 at the time and i had just started seeing a new guy, we will call him Jack. Jack was a lovely guy, he was cute and funny and i really liked him. Even better he liked me, we were a perfect couple. Problem was he was 21 and much too old for me, my parents had forbidden the relationship but like any good teenager i ignored them and continued on seeing him.

Jack no longer lived at home, at 15 when all your friends’ boyfriends were not even legal to buy cigarettes this was a BIG thing. He was a lodger in a house, the couple who owned it being friends. We had only been together a few weeks when he invited me down for the evening , i got all dolled up and went to meet him of course making some excuse to my parents about where i was really going. I think i said i was babysitting with a friend which meant i could stay out later than normal.

I got the bus there; we had arranged to meet near his house as i did not know where i was going. Looking back it was silly of me to agree to meet him there, it was a Saturday night and the place was full of drunken teens and i was all by myself. I got there early and waited, and i waited and i waited. Hours passed, i tried to phone him but got no answer. I was lost, scared and very upset. I convinced myself it was all a big game and was so embarrassed that i had made a big deal over it.

I waited till 8 o’clock, this was almost 2 hours after we had meant to meet. I got the bus home, trying not to cry.

I arrived home going straight to my room to sulk. Only a couple of minute passed when my mum called me saying i had a phone call. It was of course Jack, he was all apologetic saying he had fell asleep and did not hear the phone .Was it the truth? At the time i believed him 100%.

I made up some excuse to my mum, i think i said the babysitting had been cancelled but was now on again and went back out to meet him. This time he was thankfully there and we spent a lovely evening getting to know each other.

The relationship only lasted a few months, at one point i was convinced he was the one and he even gave me his grandmothers ring. We said we were engaged to be engaged and he talked about on my 16 birthday we would go and meet his mum (she lived in England i think) and he would give me a real ring. It was never going to work though, he enjoyed going to the pub with his friends whereas i still enjoyed sitting with friends in the local parks drinking cheap cider. I was just too young and he was to old, but it was fun while it lasted (accept that cold night standing around for two hours lol)


  1. Oh your post really takes me back. Its 1990 and i'm laying by a flowerbed in the park drinking Merrydown and thinking about my first love Gordon and how we'd blow this town and shack up in London together and go to all the heavy metal gigs and eat all the chinese takeaways we wanted. Trouble was he fancied the girl two doors down. She had a Mazda and wore blue eyeliner. I was done for.

    Lovely post, with all the memories of the little white lies we told our parents and fretted about for weeks. Like they didn't know! lol

  2. Oh that makes me all nostalgic. I dated someone who was 21 when I was 16 and at the time it felt like the most exciting thing in the world. Can't believe he stood you up though! Hope he did some serious grovelling!