Wednesday, 26 May 2010


It is week 13 of The Gallery and this week was a nice and easy one, Tara asked for pictures of Friendship .

I could of chose many things for this topic , the relationship between my children is amazing and the obvious one to choose. I could choose my sister and i and even my parents . But there was only one friendship i really wanted to portray and that is the friendship between my 3 favorite girls.
Courtney (my niece) - Rebecca - Eilidh.
Courtney is now 7 and still an only child , she lives just a few minutes away and her and my daughters are the best of friends. I know my girls love there cousin and love her being around and im pretty sure Courtney feels the same. The may be family and all drawn together by blood but i like to think they all like each other to .

(And i also realised i have very little pictures of just the 3 of them, need to work on that )









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