Friday, 14 January 2011

To Give

I seem to be having a little theme week and talking about the time my eldest was in hospital (for anyone interested full story can be found HERE ) . This week as part of the Writing Workshop we are being asked to write about giving and i have a giving close to my heart.

When was the last time you gave? Have you ever gave?

Of course i am talking about giving blood, i have not gave in many years. I have spent the last 6+ years pregnant and or breastfeeding but before that i would give it a few times a year . It is a small procedure which takes a few moments but YOU could save someone’s life.

Most people can give blood. If you are generally in good heath, aged 17 to 65 and weigh at least 7st 12Ib you can donate. You are asked to wait around 12-16 weeks between donations, so donation would be possible at least 4 times a year .

Why give though ?


This is my baby girl in hospital , during her hospital stay a blood transfusion was one of the many medical procedures that saved her life . Some kind person had donated and my daughter was able to receive it .

Your don't know who will get the blood you donate , your blood could be saving the life of a child just like mine.

How would you feel if your child or partner or someone you cared about needed blood and there was none available ?

I know we often see local blood drives around here and i am hoping next time i will be able to go into one (as part of this post i have contacted the give blood website to see if it would be possible for me to give blood . I seem to find mix reports on it). If you are looking for somewhere check out the following websites

England and Wales

The whole process takes a few moments and is no more painful that getting blood drawn while pregnant BUT IT COULD SAVE A LIFE .

So please make it your new year resolution to give at least once this year x


(This was written as part of the writing workshop on Sleep Is For The Weak) i was not paid for this post or received any other compisation . It is just something very close to my heart


  1. As I put on MrsLJHall's blog too, I'm letting my own cowardice get between me and giving. I'm pregnant at the moment but once BabyBump is here and breastfeeding is over I intend to get brave and go donate. (i.e. find someone to hold my hand and push me through the door...!)

  2. I should really stop being squeamish about blood donation (have always had lower than average blood pressure, making me wary about trying it) and start donating. My other half used to do it all the time, until he needed some immunisations for work. When he's able to do it again, I should get him to bully me into it!