Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year , New Me

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Would you take a look at this horrible , fat person standing above. I try to convince myself that i am not that big - my weight lies you know as do the labels in my clothes . For so long i have blamed breastfeeding , sleepless nights and just plain old tiredness and let my weight go . I was not loosing but i was not gaining either so it was ok .

Now i have no excuses , sure i am still breastfeeding but i don't feel i can use that as a reason any longer . I am fat , i am very unhealthy and i am horrified with myself .

I weighed myself this morning and almost burst into tears , it was even worse than i imagined and it has made me realise that this needs to stop now . I cannot bear to reveal my weight here but it is only a stone or so less that when i was 9 months pregnant with Rebecca (and by the end with her i was 7 stone over my previous weight ) .

I have successfully lost weight twice before and each time i just cut out the junk , i did not diet or make any huge changes i just cut the crap .

Here is a sample of the plan i am going to be following for now .

Old - Bagel with flora and cream cheese . Slice of toast (nice thick outsider) also with cream cheese.
New - I love my bagel and cream cheese so i am going to keep having that but only that. I think i will save almost 200 calories by not having the extra slice of toast.

Mid-Morning Snack

Old - Sometimes toast , normally hot chocolate , if any junk food around would definitely be eating that .
New - Nothing , i don't need it .

Lunch -

Old - Sandwich and either soup or Pasta Pot
New - Sandwich only , have either Ham with Mayo or a relish rather than loads of cheese and pickle .

Afternoon snack

Old - Crisp , Chocolate always also cakes , crackers and everything else i had lying around
New - Going to treat myself , buying Snack a Jacks and healthy biscuit . Only 180 calories for both compared to about 3 times that i would normally eat . I find letting myself have these treats keeps me going .

Old - A few times a week was not eating with kids and getting take aways , to many Pizzas , Pasta (loaded with cheese) or quick meals
New - No take aways and cooking more meals , replacing chips and stuff with salad and veg .

Evening snack -

Old - Normally a bad time , sometimes a bagel but alot of the time ice cream / cakes / crisps .
New - Nothing , again i don't need it. If i get really hungry maybe a yogurt , fruit or if really bad a slice of toast.

I think it sounds like a good plan , it is one that has worked for me before. I think i will easily be cutting out around 1000-1500 calories A DAY and also saving us a small fortune . I already walk everywhere and going to be trying to fit in more exercise when i can .

This is not a new years resolution , it is something i need to do for me and my family . I am not going to kill myself with it and if im having a really bad day will let myself slip - but it wiill just be for that one day .

I hope before long to have a better , nicer picture of myself to share.


  1. I would not skip your mid morning or evening snack. Just replace it with fruit or rice cakes with peanut butter/nut butter.

  2. Good luck, hope your plan works for you! I'm bad for craving snacks but I just don't buy them now. If they aren't there I can't eat them!

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  4. did you see the one show tonight and the new exercise regime that only takes 4 mins?
    30 secs flat out run, rest 30 secs and carry on for the 4 mins. Looks interesting and a change of exercise is prob all you need. I am going to give it a go so hope that it works
    Mo x

  5. Sounds good! A wee trick I learned was to drink a glass of water every time you feel hungry. It's amazing how often it turns out you were just thirsty! Also green tea with mint is great for digestion and apparently makes the old metabolism go a bit faster. Oh yeah and keep a list of the things you've denied yourself so you can feel proud at the end of the day! Good luck!