Tuesday, 25 January 2011

7 Things About Me

This meme seems to do its rounds in blogging every so often and i always enjoy it . I love learning new little facts about my favorite ladies . I have been waiting patiently for someone to tag me and it seems no one loves me *sob sob * lol .

So here is my take , 7 things you just have to know about me .

1 - I am going to be a Doula , i am doing the course with Nurturing Birth in April . I have also just finished doing a Mother Supporter course with Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and plan to train to become a full councillor as soon as i can . I am also doing a Health and Social Care course with the Open University

2 - I hate Coke and all its related products (including Pepsi and other brands) . If you include Dr. Pepper as a coke product that was the only one i liked , i craved and drank lots of it when pregnant with Eilidh and this continued afterwards . Once i fell pregnant with Ruaridh i stopped being able to drink it , it still makes me feel sick .

3 - I am going to be an Aunt for the 2nd time any day now , my brother in law and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl . She was due last Saturday ..and at 9 months pregnant looks amazing .

4 - I have been blogging for almost 4 years now , i started my family blog in February 2007 - my first post is here

5 - Our flat has been on the market for over a year now and we have only had one viewer and no other real interest . I am beginning to think we will be stuck here forever , 2 bedrooms between 5 people is just not enough and i so want a garden for the kids . On the other hand i don't want to ever leave - it is just beside the school plus my children were all conceived here , i got engaged here and not to mention my son was born here ..how could i leave this place behind ?

6 - I have Plantar Fasciitis (which is currently hurting like heck , my entire leg is in agony because of the way i am walking with it) and also a Cystocele something between grade 2 and 3 , nothing can be done about it just now because the drugs are not compatible with breastfeeding and i don't want surgery for it just yet.

7 - I have been breastfeeding for almost forever well that is how it feels sometimes lol. My youngest was born in June 2005 and i fed her till February 2008 , her sister was born in November 2006 and she fed till July 2008 . I had a break from the July till September when Ruaridh was born , he was 2 in September and still feeds plenty . So except for those two months i have been feeding non stop for 5 years and almost 8 months.

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