Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mother Nature

This week we are given the prompt "Mother Nature" . I immediately thought of an amazing pictures captured when i was 14 and on holiday in Tunisa . It captured a hurricane (or tornado or... i am not sure what it actually was ) over the sea in front of us perfectly . I remembered being shut inside and watching it , half of me terrified and half of me excited. That picture unfortunately is somewhere at my mums house and not on a computer i can share so i went searching through my archive looking for something to use.

I came across these shots taken in 2005 in Inverness , Craig and i were on our Honeymoon and spent a magical few days there taken it all in. It was such a beautiful place and i cannot wait to go back







  1. Wow, gorgeous! Would love to spend some time in that bit of the world, when the kiddies allow it!

  2. It looks amazingly beautiful there! What a gorgeous spot to Honeymoon at, and to go back for anniversaries.