Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Body Parts

Yah The Gallery is back and this makes a very happy me . I have missed it .

This week we asked for Body Parts um...

This was actually easy and goes with this post from yesterday very well.

After waiting for so long to hold our baby , each minute spent with her in our arms was a miracle and we were constantly amazed just how small and perfect she was .


Now those hands have grown , now those hands belong to a school girl . Those hands are now used to write , draw and be big .

But once they were little and belonged just to us...


  1. Nothing cuter than baby hands!

  2. awww...lovely weeny little baby fingers!

  3. I do love baby hands. Lovely slim fingers!

  4. So sweet! Seems like a lifetime ago I held a hand looking like this...

  5. newborns and babies have such lovely hands, all kissable and chubby :D Jen

  6. Oh I cannot wait to hold my wee one's hand for the first time! What a lovely pic!

  7. Beautiful post and lovely picture!

  8. I know what you mean! Ours are still only 10 months but already when I see a really tiny baby I look back & remember when they were that little...