Monday, 13 September 2010

The Last Show

I am sorry about the last post, i have thought of removing but it is not me. A hormonal and tired woman should never blog, it is a lesson i hope i have now learnt.
Things are fine here, actually better than fine. Hubby and i spent months apart and we are getting use to each other again. It is an amazing thing.

This was not my reason for blogging, it is Monday night and i am finally catching up on the finale of Ultimate Big Brother (Uk of course) . I am not interested in the winner but loving all the old house mates and the saying goodbye. The Jade Goody goodbye sent me into my first round of tears.

You have to understand that this show has been a part of my life since i was 18.
I remember picking up a magazine one weekend, i was at a party (or after party maybe ) and it was going in about this new show. I mention to those i with that it looked interesting and noone agreed of course. I started watching the next day, the first eviction had just happened and i was hooked.
I remember during the finale of season 1 running between my bedroom (tv) and my parents (live feed on computer ) .
I remember watching Brian win bb2 on the computer in Canada and spent way to many hours watching bb3 live feed.

Memories of big brother 2005 will always be mixed up with Rebecca's first days. She was so sick and it was on the Friday we realised how much. I remember leaving her sleeping in special care and going to watch the eviction in the tv room. For the first time in years, i was bored and the show seemed nothing. Out of no where my milk came in and i was quickly covered, i started crying and did not think i would ever stop. There i sat 2 days after giving birth for the first time covered in breastmilk and terrified my daughter was not going to make it- what the hell was i doing watching some stupud tv show.

I think after that it was never the same, part of me could never stop thinking if it as that stupid show. I continued watching out of habit without much interest and gave up completly in year 9 and 10. What happened with bb11 then? I have no idea how at 28 i ended up addicted yet again to the tv show that made my summer ten years before.

So now its done and dusted and i am going to stop blogging and actually watch the last episode

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