Monday, 6 September 2010


It has been much to long.

Our holiday is long over with as is our summer. Rebecca is now in school, Eilidh in nursery and Ruaridh approaching his second birthday. Craig has returned from his trips away and life is getting back to normal.

Accept it is not.

The older the kids get the more i feel like i am being left behind. I want to be a good wife and mother but am so caught up in self pitying that i am neither.

I deeply regreat making my blog so public and linked with me. I have so much i want to just put out there and talk about but i just cannot
Instead its just me, my phone and the tears.

I need to grow up and snap out of this, make peace with what the future holds and enjoy the ride.
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1 comment:

  1. *hugs*
    You are awesome, so are your children, because of you. Don't forget it!
    You have my email if you want to chat sweety. xx