Friday, 4 June 2010

Sun Cream

Five star sun care from Wilkinson.

I feel like Wilkinson are my own little fairy god mothers. There i was sitting on an unexpected sunny day with 3 children and no sun cream. My eldest was upset and demanding i bought some NOW. Suddenly my door went and the post man bought a lovely package of sun creams for me to try .The children and i were very happy.

Wilkinson have recently re-launched there Wilko Suncare range with a maximum of five star rating to ensure protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The range includes over 30 products, have been dermatological tested and start from as little as £2.98

I received 3 products to test.

The first was the Wilko kids moisturising sun lotion – priced at £3.98 for 200ml. It was factor 50 and water resistant. It comes in a handy spray bottle and sprayed out as a lovely purple colour (which really impressed my girls, they both love purple). It spread easily but it did seem to take ages to soak into the skin. I felt the children looked very ghost like for the first 20 minutes or so. It smelled lovely and after it soaked in you could not tell they had any on, all 3 spent the day in the sun going in and out of water and the cream protected their skin 100%. I was impressed with it.

I also received the Moisturising sun lotion – prices at £2.98 for 200ml. It was factor 30 and also water resistant. I haven’t had a chance to test this in the sun yet but it smells nice and goes on great.

Lastly is the after sun lotion with tan maintainer. I loved this product, i came home red as a tomato from a day out and covered myself with it. It really felt great and took the heat from my burns. I used it a few times over the first few days and for the first time ever my burns did not peel but turned a lovely brown. It contains Aloe Vera and vitamin E and it really does work.

I am overall impressed with the Wilko’s range, it is easily as good as the other products available out there but for half the cost.

Now i only hope we have enough sunny days to get the use out of them.

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