Monday, 21 June 2010

Sony Ebook and Other Stuff

I seem to be taken a little bloggy break at the moment, been busy with life (more on it on my other blog)

Ok i admit it , it is not just the kids and hubby that is keeping me busy but a couple of new toys for ME.

I finally got a new dish washer (old one broke a few months back) and while that is not keeping me busy (saving me time in fact)it is new and shiny and fun.

I also proved nagging worked and got hubby to buy me Mario Galaxy 2 which must be played at every opportunity...well when i am not playing with my favorite new toy.

Isn't it adorable ?

I have wanted an ebook reader for ever (i mean its been at least 6 months now) and I'm so please to finally have it. I have loaded it up with novels (96 and counting) and spend every free moment (when not playing Mario ) on it .

It is small and light weight , battery life is excellent (6 days old , have finished one decent lenght novel - Harry Potter Goblet of Fire - and battery has just went from 4 bars to 3 ) . Its easy to use - both the hand held and the computer soft ware . No complaints about it so far .

I don't seem to miss real books , the screen is designed to look like a book and i think it does a very good job. It is not back lit so at night a light is still needed but i like that fact, better battery life and makes it feel more bookish.
Turning pages require a press of a button and it takes a second or so to refresh which is not as annoying as it sounds - still takes less time than turning pages of a book .

I love how light and easy it is , i can carry it around with me and when i have a minute or two turn it on and its already at the right place for me to carry on . The kids actually let me read it , when i tried to read a book they would grab it off me but don't bother with this one. I got the pocket version which retails around £160 and is a pretty pink colour (not red as it says on the box ) .

I would definitely give it a 10/10 for everything at the moment but it is still very new and i may feel differently in a few months i have 30 more minutes of me time and im going to either read or play or maybe just finish my tea and look up more holidays .

(For the record this was not a sponsored post , everything was paid for out our own pockets but if anyone wants to give me another new dishwasher , wii game or ebook reader to review i will be more than happy lol)


  1. I'm still not sold on the ereaders, but your post has made me at least consider one. I love nothing more than curling up in bed with a good book. I know I will need to change that at somepoint but curling up with an ereader just doesn't sound right. xx

  2. Is that all it cost? Oooh that might be on my Christmas list then... if we manage to have anything extra on top of things for the boys that is...
    I have a lot of eBooks, do they download onto it ok too?

  3. I am not sure about an e-reader, I am too fond of books!

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