Sunday, 6 June 2010

A Lesson

What i have learned .

For 5 weeks now i have been a single parent.

I have learned that i am stronger than i though i was, i have learned i can cope alone. I can raise the children, i can keep house and provide meals. I can have fun, they can have fun, WE can have fun.

I now know that if my marriage ended tomorrow i could cope as a single parent, i could manage all the commitments. I could still have me time and enjoy life.

I have learned that i do like being alone , i like being able to do what i want in the evenings and not having someone nagging me when i decide to go to sleep at 8pm . I like getting to sleep where i want and have no one telling me to get out the bath so they can pee.

I LOVE not having another grown adult to clean up after, less laundry and dishes to do. I love getting to make my bed first thing rather than waiting for hubby to drag himself out of bed then doing it.

I have learned i can be happy without a man.

I have also learned how lonely alone is, how evenings stretch ahead of me with no one to talk to. I have learned just how much i really love my husband and how much i want him in my life.

He is home now, it’s been the longest and quickest 5 weeks of my life. I hope the next 3 are the slowest

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