Friday, 4 February 2011

Things To Come

I started this blog almost 10 months ago with a clear goal in mind . I wanted to have a space that was mine while at the same time giving me the freedom to write my Children's blog the way i wanted .
I wanted to do reviews and sponsored posts but did not like having them on my original blog and this new one seemed ideal .

I seemed to have missed the boat , i am not building this blog into anything and have just got into relying on weekly memos (The Gallery, Writers Workshop ,Project 365, Silent Sunday mainly ) to provide me with most of my content . Fling in a review or two and there is my week filled. I have nothing original on here ,the point of this blog was meant to be about me and it is not .

Do you know me ? I am not sure my readers really do , i don't mention my passions and interests . I write posts then think they don't fit so delete them . I am very excited about the challenges this year are going to bring and i want to show them through my blog . I do love photography and writing (although i believe i have little talent in either area - i enjoy it and it makes me happy so i don't mind) but i also love babies , i love birth and pregnancy and i love breastfeeding. These sounds weird interests on "paper" but these things are my passion and the only area i could ever see myself working in.
Come April i will be a Doula , i will be going out in the world trying to set up a business and build a career while doing something i know i will love .

I also like structure and plans , i like knowing what to blog about on every given day and as i enjoy taken part on the weekly memos i don't plan to stop . I am just wanting to be a little more me.

Fridays around here are now going to be known as "The Doula (to be) Corner" .I want to write about my journey but also i believe i have information to share . I have an article i wrote entitled "what everyone should know about pregnancy , birth and beyond "  that has sat in drafts for months , i never felt it would fit with this blog and decided not to share . It will make the perfect first post next Friday .

I would also love *YOUR* stories and would publish them on a Saturday . Your stories can be anything as long as they are pregnancy/birth/baby/breastfeeding stories. I would really love to hear from someone who used a Doula for their birth .

For next weeks post i would love to hear from someone who went against the norm - decided against scans or induction or blood tests , someone who decided against doctors advice to have the birth they wanted (maybe at home or vbac) , someone who went for a natural third stage or did not have Vitamin K , someone who decided again vaccinations , anything along these lines . If you have a story that would fit or knows someone who does please get in contact Laura McIntyre

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