Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Gallery - 24 Hours

I LOVED this weeks gallery prompt . asking for basically pictures of your 24 hours . I wanted it to be an honest post , i did not want to just capture the "good" parts so i kept my phone with me for a period of 12 hours (i know it asks for 24 - but honestly once the kids are sleeping it is tea/bath/bed/sleep and no one needs to see that lol ) . I set my alarm to go off every hour and snapped a quick picture of where i was and what we were doing - the result is a mini snapshot of our day - not complete of course (for a start it looks like as if i don't feed the kids ) . Some of the pictures are terrible but you still get the basic idea . I am not including explanations with the pictures it just seems more fun that way .

And again i LOVED doing this.

7am - 8am

7 and 8am

9am - 10am

9 and 10am

11am - Noon

11 and 12noon

1pm - 2pm

1 and 2pm

3pm - 4pm

3 and 4pm

5pm - 6pm- 7pm

5 6 7pm


  1. Fab snapshots of your day! I especially love the cheerios!

  2. I need my toenails doing :-)
    Looks like it was a tiring day x

  3. Brilliant pictures; that's what my toenails looked like when I painted them tipsy one new year!

  4. Brilliant! It totally feels like I was there. I almost did the 'set an alarm every hour' thing, but I'm too much of a control freak for that!

  5. Fab photos!! These spilled Cheerios and milk look familiar... LOL!!