Thursday, 23 December 2010


A few weeks back i was having a rubbish Saturday , it had been a hard and long week and i was stuck at home all day while the kids were out having fun ( normally i would of enjoyed the break but i had planned a nice day at home and was sad it did not happen) . The door went and i received two lovely loafs of Soreen .


We received two brand new flavours - Banana and Apple and both were delicious .

Soreen have been baking fantastic fruity malt bread for 70 years!

The uniquely soft & sticky recipe was created by a family whose surname was Sorenson - hence the brand name Soreen! Soreen became famous for their original fruity malt loaf and since then the company and the brand just keeps on growing!

Low in fat , tasty and healthy . It is the perfect snack .

I love toasting mine and topping with butter and serving with a cup of tea . How do you eat yours ?

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  1. New flavours look great...mine love malf its called in our house!