Friday, 17 December 2010

Maclaren Junior Quest Activity Centre

We (or should i say the children) were chosen to test the Maclaren Junior Quest Activity centre . Does it not look like great fun ?


It arrived when only the two older girls were home from school and they could not wait to get it open and play with it .

<Digimax S830 / Kenox S830>

It was packaged well in a small box and i was expecting lots of pieces to put together . I was so pleased that only the travel cot had to be put together and that was easily done (by my 8 year old niece lol )

The kids all thought it was great and loved how it all came with the matching changing bag and have been playing mummy ever since arrived (yes even the boy....) .

The toys have all been well played with , the pram has made a few treks out in the snow and fared better than the pram *i* use . The changing bag is carried with pride and the travel cot is holding my daughters teddies at night when she goes to bed .
If i had one complaint it would be the fabric coming loose from the pram all the time
and needing fixed back on - this seems to be a problem with every pram of this design i have ever seen so not blaming Maclaren .

So far we all think it is a great ,fun and pretty new toy .

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