Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ella's Kitchen

Described as "Organic baby food &kid's food made from natural ingredients, the best way for weaning babies. Our range of baby food is 100% pure and nutritious" . The offer a huge range of food through meals (stages 1 , 2 and 3) ,snacks , smoothies , pasta and sauces and there are new products due to launch in the new year .
It is a hard review to write as i know alot of people that like their products and from what i can see of the company they are great .They seem to have such a nice range to suit every age all at a decent price . Only problem was no one liked them .

We were sent a selection of smoothies and pack o snacks . Ru (2 years old) liked none of them but that is not a huge shock , he has never liked smoothies and accept for raisins nothing in the snacks are something he would eat . The girls eat a few of the snacks but mostly picked the raisins and sultanas out of them ( i actually really liked these though ,my favorite was the chewy ones with included raisins , cherries , strawberries and mango's. )

We normally like smoothies , 4 year old is currently an expert in them since her nursery got a smoothie machine and they make them daily. We have been known to buy other pre made smoothies from time to time to . Ru thought it was fun to pour them everywhere and my girls (5 ,4 and my 8 year old niece) all thought they tasted weird and could only manage a few sips . I sort of had to agree , i felt they all tasted similar and the banana taste was very over powering .

So there you go , i think it is a great company and i would buy from them . Our kids just didn't happen to like what they tried...

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