Monday, 26 April 2010


Welcome to the first post of my brand new blog.

I am not new to blogging , i started my first blog Synchronization Of Us in February 2006 when my dd2 was only a few months old . She is now 3.5 and a new not so much a baby has taken her place .
Blogging has changed alot in the last 3 years when i first started, blogging in the Uk was relatively unknown and i maybe came across a British blog once a month or so . Now it seems to be a booming business with hundreds of us on British Mummy Bloggers and our very own blogger mummy conference (which i am not going to boo hoo) .

I now find most of the blogs i read are UK based , I'm down to maybe a dozen US ones and to many to count British ones . Its a busy place that i something feel gets very competitive but it is a place i would like to be more active in. Before i felt as if i was betraying my blog by doing so .

I started blogging to make a record of my kids FOR my kids, i have a dream of giving them a printed copy when older so i need to be careful with what i write. I feel starting a new , separate blog will give me a sense of freedom.
Not only will i feel i can be myself here and join in with the blogger workshops and games that go around but i will be able to get back to basics with my other blog. No longer will i feel i cannot post about what i done that day with the children because it would bore the readers, i simply will not care because its for them and no one else.

So this is day one , i hope its the first of many.


  1. Woohoo! I love it! Looks great sweety. :D
    *subscribed* x

    Just one thing... you need to add the name/url only option to your comment section ;)

  2. I love the colors.. so easy to read!